On a business trip Nicolai is experiencing a psychological breakdown. In his last attempt to hold on to reality he makes a telephone call to his wife.


Running time: 11 min.

Genre: Short Fiction

Year of Production: 2003

Country of Origin: Denmark

Language: Danish – English Subtitles

Shooting format: DIGI BETA

Screening format: DIGI BETA

Sound: Stereo

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1



Pauli Ryberg & Charlotte Munksgaard



Written & directed by: Mads Matthiesen, Produced by: Pau La Cour, Photographer: Martin Top Jacobsen, Assistant director:Michael Noer, Set Design:Jonas Trampedach, Editing: Michael Ebbesen, Martin Zandvliet & Mads Matthiesen, Sound Recording: Carl Plesner, Light: Camilla Hjelm Knudsen & Henrik Vierø, Steady cam operator:Flemming Laybourn Props: Henrik Lorentzen & Tone Bonnén Oldenburg, Make-up: Anja Mai, Storyboard: Henrik Schjerning, Still Photographer: Benedicte Schested Creative Help: Kristoffer Zöllner, Architect: Amanda Betz, Craftsmen on set design: Rasmus Matthiesen, Jonas Andersen & Jacob Friis, Music composer: Sune Martin, Sound Design: Sune Martin & Carl Plesner, Oneline & Color Grading: Jan Degn


© Produced by Room 2ooo stories & La Cour Film