Johan is busy destroying his relationship to his girlfriend Julie. He’s no longer himself, and he behaves egoistically and without emotions towards her. It is only a question of time before the love, that once was, is gone.


Early one morning after a night out Johan meets a stranger. A man who confronts Johan with his cynical and destructive path.


Running time: 22 min.

Genre: Short Fiction

Year of Production: 2005

Country of Origin: Denmark

Language: Danish – English Subtitles

Shooting format: DIGI BETA

Screening format: DIGI BETA

Sound: Stereo

Aspect Ratio: 16:9



André Babikian

Laura Drasbæk

Peter Dam Ottesen



Director: Mads Matthiesen

Scriptwriters: Mads Matthiesen & André Babikian

Assistant director: Michael Noer

Assistant director: Kristoffer Zøllner

Photography: Martin Top Jacobsen

Produced by: Pau la Cour & Mads Matthiesen

Set design: Mona Møller Schmidt

Set design: Kristine Køster

Assistants to set design: Mario Cruz & Alberto Arche

Sound recording: Karl Plesner

Production manager: Pau la Cour

Assistant to the production: Sarah Diallo

PA assistant: Tue Czajkowski

Chef: Bjarke Olsen

Make-up: Elena Ranild

Still Photography: Linn Sandholm

Editing: Mads Matthiesen & Martin Zandvliet

Sound design: Karl Plesner

Music: Sune Martin

Graphic work: Jakob Juul

Color grade Bo47